Stealing our own show – NOW IN HIGH DENSITY

Whoever watched one of the TechCrunch disrupt events knows – never do a live demo! On the other hand, live demos speak many languages and replace a thousand words, and they are tempting. And those who have been following our work over the years know that we can resist anything but temptation. But enough of […]

Combining EEG and HD-tES

Often, we hear that pioneering research labs are looking into ways of combining EEG and HD-tES.While there can be certain challenges on mechanical compatibility and electrical compatibility side,we propose a solution that makes this integration straightforward and user-friendly. Soterix Medical stimulation and mBrainTrain wireless EEG systems can be combined for sleep andawake experiments to acquire […]

Motion artifact removal using Artifact Subspace Reconstruction

What’s the challenge? EEG signal amplitudes are really small (at the order of [µV]) and the recorded signal can be corrupted by artifacts coming from literaly anywhere. This is especially challenging in cases when subjects are moving, as a movement elicits a number of different artifact sources that are all stronger than the EEG signal […]

mbt – memoirs of our brand life

They write memoirs of a company. And here are the first few chapters of ours… Do not worry, it is not really memoirs, it is just a few minutes read. Before we travel through time to 2012, we would like to set your expectations right — the last changes we’ve made are more evolutionary than […]

Neural Implant podcast: How mBrainTrain is producing a mobile EEG device

NARRATOR: Welcome to the Neural Implant podcast, where we talk with the people behind the current events and breakthroughs in brain implants and understandable ways helping bring together various fields involved in Euro prosthetics. Here is your host Ladan Jiracek. HOST: Hello everyone. And welcome to the neural implant podcast. Today’s guest is Ivan. He is from […]

Video – EEG at home – Epilepsy diagnostic helper of the future?

Epilepsy is a prevailing neurological problem in which the brain activity becomes abnormal, often leading to seizures or unusual and abnormal behaviour. It is present across the globe, with yet undetermined causes. More than 1% of the world population is estimated to suffer from this disorder, which is not specific to race, ethnicity or geographical specifics. […]

Q&A: Doing Multi-human EEG

Q&A: Doing Multi-human EEG Host: Ivan Gligorijevic, CEO, mBrainTrain Panelists: Suzanne Dikker (University of New York), Karl Philipp Flosch (University of Konstanz), Martin Imhof (University of Konstanz)   ———————————————————————————————————- Intro Humans act and interact all the time i.e., each second. The interactions between one human brain and another have always been a focus in the […]

How to Set Up Precise Sound Stimulation with PsychoPy and pylsl

I was looking for an online ready solution to generate high-precision sound stimuli in PsychoPy and send the triggers through lab streaming layer (LSL), but I wasn’t able to find something ready-to run. This short post is explaining what you need to do to implement it yourself. Before you start, of course, you have to […]

Preparing For The Cybathlon BCI Race

The Cybathlon 2020 competition is approaching fast and since we, the CyberTUM Cerebro student team from Munich, are a new team that has just been founded, there is a lot to do. Luckily, back in spring, when we were looking for suitable EEG systems and talked to different manufacturers, one of them, the rapidly growing […]

Next EEG — new human interface

It was the beginning of 2014 and I was in Hallstatt, Austria, on BNCI Horizon 2020 Retreat, event aimed to discuss the future of BCIs (brain-computer interfaces) with over 60 experts from the field. Among the hot topics was the state of brainwave reading by means of electroencephalography (EEG). The special thing about this event […]