This year, we celebrate X years of mbt, and on this occasion, our CEO Ivan Gligorijevic, has wrote some reflections on the first decade. From the idea to the leading mobile EEG company. When you have an idea, your child instincts expect support and praise. It is often easy to give that kind of support […]

#EEGinEveryday – mbt meets BESA – An interview with Mateusz Rusiniak

EEG in everyday life: As scientists and researchers, we have asked ourselves – what happens in our brain when we play darts or table football? How does it actually work and why can we sometimes not react as fast as we want? We have investigated these interesting activities using BESA software together with mBrainTrain, a manufacturer and pioneer of […]

Send LSL triggers in Neurobs Presentation

Are you setting up an experiment with a mobile EEG device and you want to send triggers via Presentation? You can do it completely wirelessly and without much effort. In this short blog,  we describe how to send triggers  using LSL and mbt Streamer. You can simply Enable sending LSL triggers from the General Settings […]

Sync mobile EEG, breathing and Unity

Did you think of performing an experiment in VR? And did you wish to better understand the behavioral reactions as well as psychological states of your participants?  You could capture hand or head movements, breathing reactions along with EEG recordings. First, your EEG device needs to be mobile and thin enough to fit the VR […]

Send LSL triggers with PsychoPy and mobile EEG

If you wish to keep track of the time each stimulus appears in PsychoPy during your experiment, and align each of them to your EEG recording, you would need to automatically send triggers each time a stimulus appears. This is possible with LSL. In this blog, we will explain how to precisely send triggers with […]

Set up TTL in Neurobs Presentation with Smarting Pro

If you are up for an EEG experiment which requires offline recording – for example, record EEG in the woods where there is no internet connection, so you’re recording EEG on an SD card; Good news – you are in the right place! In this blog, we will walk you through a way to set […]

Event triggering and data synchronization with mobile EEG

Introduction Once your experiment is outlined and equipment ready, it is time to consider the possibilities of sending triggers with mobile EEG and ways to synchronize it with other devices/stimuli. We will start from triggering types, and how you can mark different events using mobile EEG. Author of this blog post, Dr. Mladenovic, will share […]