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mBrainTrain is a company that aims to support brain research and improve quality of life through EEG software and hardware development. Our team of world-renowned experts strives to bring innovations and novel ideas from the lab to real life, make them available to the general population, and prove that the future is already here.


Ivan Gligorijević

CEO, Co-founder

Zooming in and out of problems, with sanity checks along the way. Excellence and expertise take time. He has a Ph.D. in Biomedical signal processing. Ivan is an Organizer and a Strategist who is looking into the origins of consciousness.

Bogdan Mijović

CTO, Co-founder

Ph.D. in medical imaging (EEG and fMRI fusion), KU Leuven, Belgium . He is in charge of business development. Creator. Feels good performs good. Seeks: Excellence. In a line: “Enough talking, let’s just do it!”

Pavle Mijović

Biomedical engineer

A versatile fellow. He obtained his M.Sc degrees in the Mechanical and Chemical Engineering fields. Pavle also has a Ph.D. degree in Production Engineering and Neuroergonomics. His imagination drives him to believe that nothing is impossible.

Dragoš Petrović

Finance & logistic

The CFO/COO of mBrainTrain for the last eight years. He has an MBA in Finance. Dragoš previously worked in Auditing. He helps in making our operations flow as smoothly as possible.

Ana Jolić

Sales development manager

Ana has been working in sales and business development for over eight years. She is dedicated to building quality and strong relationships with customers while developing meaningful partnerships worldwide. Her secret loves are psychology – and cats.

Andrija Daković

Sales representative

He is a team player able to adapt to new and diverse environments with the ability and willpower to create strategic partnerships and develop crucial relationships. He’s into sci-fi movies and tv shows, a true Trekkie and animal lover (prefer dogs over cats).

Dušan Nedić

Marketing manager

He focuses on attracting in marketing rather than interrupting. 

Jovana Radović

Operations & Logistics

She believes that with a smile everything is easier and that good teams become even better when they unite.

Nikola Maksimović

Software developer

He loves learning new things and verifies everything. He holds an M.Sc degree in Software Engineering. He is committed to building and planning quality software for mBT.

Jelena Jovanović

Biomedical engineer

She is focused on Biomedical signal processing. Jelena has a clear and positive approach to problem-solving. “If you can do it now, why leave it for later.” She loves traveling and likes to wander around wherever she goes.

Danko Radulović

Industrial designer

Industrial designer and maker. He is ok.

Aneta Kartali

Biomedical engineer

She is a member of the research and development team at mBT. In pursuit of knowledge, both in theoretical and applied science. Curious about cognition. A peculiar book reader, fond of outdoor sports and searching for adventures.

Kosta Jovanović

Reserach engineer

Persistent, curious, and addicted to perfection and self-improvement. He loves playing basketball, video games, and watching Jason Statham movies. Kosta thinks he is cool, but he is the only guy in Engineering who has never watched Star Wars.

Kristina Krtinić

Java Developer

Currently pursuing an M.Sc degree in Information Technologies. She loves writing code and is obsessed with the idea that we can build software to solve practical problems. Kristina has to be talked out of adopting every single dog she meets.

Scientific Advisors

Prof. Stefan Debener

Oldenburg University, Germany

He is a world pioneer in fMRI and EEG fusion and mobile EEG.

Prof. Maarten De Vos

KU Leuven, Belgium

Ph.D. in biomedical signal processing. Associate Professor in the Departments of Engineering and Medicine at KU Leuven. Masters motivation. Scientific Excellence.


Today, our devices are used on 5 continents, in over 30 countries, in some of the most prestigious labs.