1st mbt workshop Belgrade 2019

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Our 2019 mobile EEG workshop brought together experts who are pioneers of mobile EEG and that have conducted studies and bravely faced the challenges. The overall goal was to share the best practices and ideas that could help in conducting envisioned studies focusing on the essence, while saving time on otherwise complex and lengthy experiment setups. We strongly believe that the goal was achieved.

Talks From 2019

Klaus Gramann

Mobile EEG and mobile Brain/Body Imaging - New methods, new results?

Arnaud Delorme

EEGLAB tools for mobile brain imaging

Simon Ladouce

Capturing cognitive events in the real- world using mobile EEG/Eye-tracking

Barbara Händel

Combining mobile EEG, EOG, eye tracking and video glasses

Marius Nann

Ready(-ness) to jump? Assessing EEG before pushing off for 192-meter bungee jumping!

Sarah Blum

Artifact handling for mobile EEG

Rob Zink

Studying brain functioning in natural, real-life situations through auditory attention

Bojana Mirkovic

EEG in real life - investigating responses to continuous, natural scene

Panel Discussion

Possibilities and perspectives of mobile EEG

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